What Is Midlife?

Midlife can be a wonderful time to explore and discover who we really are and what we are here to contribute to the world.

With the flush of youth gone and in our quiet spaces, we connect with the realisation that the clock is ticking on our life and we need to get moving and focus on things that really matter.

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The Realisation

We may come up against our edge, where we wake up for a moment, a day or perhaps even a week, where we commit to doing things differently, however often the busyness of everyday life with its commitments and responsibilities in caring for others, overwhelms us and we fall back to sleep.

Many of us don’t come out of our slumber until we experience a major breakdown or change in our life circumstances – such as an illness, an unexpected loss, divorce, a redundancy or even the realisation that we are ageing and will see our 20’s again.

A few years ago I experienced such a breakdown when I became ill and was out of action for nearly 2 months. It shook the foundation of my world and everything I felt I was in control of, I lost in the space of a few days. I have never felt so vulnerable. I cried more in a few days then I had in my life. Once the pain and fear started to ebb, my body and mind began to heal and each day brought more clarity.

Some of the feelings and thoughts I experienced during this turbulent time include:

  • Confusion about who I was and where my life was heading.
  • Feeling restless with the life I had created which was comfortable but somehow didn’t fit anymore.
  • Not feeling loved or loving.
  • Knowing I wanted things to be different and not knowing how to go about changing them.
  • Questioning the decisions I had made years ago.


of Australian Women regularly experiencing anxiety

it is crucial that we slow down now and learn simple and easy ways of maintaining our calm, wellbeing and creativity for however life unfolds.

Embracing You

Society often refers this to a midlife crisis, but it’s not. It’s an invitation to live an authentic life where we are embracing and exploring who we really are. It’s all about finding out what lights us up at this age, doing work that matters and not just to pay the bills.

It’s understanding that if we’re a mother, that nurturing and loving bond never ends… it just evolves as our children grow and become responsible for their own lives.

Empowering You!

When we give ourselves permission to spread our wings we understand we will always be there for our children and we need to be there for ourselves first. In nourishing ourselves first, we are giving our partner, family, friends and work colleagues a gift. We become healthier, happier and are more open, giving and available to others. When we experience greater satisfaction and pleasure on a regular basis we create a wonderful ripple effect in those around us.

Our children get to see, experience and enjoy us in a whole new way and can model a healthy self-care – something we are quick to remind others about but often don’t allow for ourselves.

Feminine Wisdom is all about educating and empowering you, a Woman in Midlife, to have a life that YOU CHOOSE – not one that you feel you’re supposed to live.  We help you rediscover how powerful and amazing you really are and provide you with tools and resources that will move you forward confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Whilst we love to inspire and uplift you, we’re all about making small sustainable changes to your life and habits that will make your happier and healthier.  

Is This Your Turning Point? Let’s talk. 

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