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A conversation with Colour Specialist and Image Stylist Ros Holden

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Knowing your colours is the key to your image. I truly believe that it is 90% of the fashion equation.

About Ros

Bringing women to “life” in colour

Your Colours and Style Sydney was birthed in 2006 by Ros Holden. Over the years she has transformed and inspired thousands of women to look and feel their best using a unique and extensive colour system that works for all women.  Her passion for colour developed 50 years ago when she was first introduced to the wonderful world of colour. 

She quickly realised, women can be chic and the best version of themselves when they find the colours that work for them. Understanding that the traditional colour systems have undergone many changes over the years, she set out to remove all the myths and mysteries about colour, by studying the various colour styles and finding what does and doesn’t work. 

The colour system she uses makes perfect sense and women can utilise the vast number of colours she advises without confusion. So many women testify to the colours “changing their life” and have become more confident and beautiful from the knowledge they have gained. 

Being a more mature women herself, she understands the many challenges and changes mature women face. That’s why she loves to work with women particularly over the age of 40, even though her style will work for women of all ages. She loves to work with the generations and finds that many women bring their daughters and even granddaughters to have their colours and style done. She believes all women are beautiful and making them look beautiful, changes them from the outside in. There’s no reason for women to grow old, frumpy and despondent about the way they look.” Women are beautiful at every age and every stage”, she says.  She loves to help women with professional help and works with many groups of women to spread the good news of colour. 

She hopes that you will invest in yourself and be the best “you” can be.  Visit the website below to find out more.

“There’s no reason for women to grow old, frumpy & despondent about the way they look. Women are beautiful at every age and every stage”.

Is This Your Turning Point? Let’s talk. 

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