What is Feminine Wisdom?

Society generally encourages us to go towards the world of performance, concrete results and rational thoughts which can be considered masculine or outer qualities.

The qualities of deep intuition, emotional intelligence and the capacity to cultivate an inner life are called the inner qualities and are considered the “wisdom of the feminine”.

When there is a balance between the inner and outer qualities, women are most content and fulfilled.

“Women often sacrifice their inner peace for outward success and in the process lose the connection with their inner wisdom when they become addicted to achieving”.

There is a great temptation for us to be constantly doing something. We’re at work, we’re raising our families, we’re very busy.

All of these things are important of course, but we often don’t develop our interior lives, we don’t have the time for silence, simplicity, solitude and slowness – where we develop this quiet place where we’re listening to slower rhythms and more mysterious things: our emotions, our intuition.

Source: Gail Straub

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